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Facilities in Rouleau » Skating Rink

The Rink is open approximately November 1st to March 30th and is available for rental throughout the season for tournaments, practices and games. The Skating Arena ice surface measures 175' x 75', and is great for minor hockey! It features 5 dressing rooms, 4 of which are standard-sized. There is also one smaller dressing room best suited for smaller teams, or for female players to dress separately, when required. All dressing rooms provide showers, toilet and sink.

Our arena viewing area offers both inside seating and outside stands. Our kitchen, which is open during all GAMES & TOURNAMENTS, offers a menu of hot food, hot & cold drinks, and snack items. There is also a spacious eating/sitting area on the kitchen half of the Rink. (Vending machine on site, stocked with drinks and snacks. Cash only)

Currently, we are only able to accept cash as payment. There is no ATM on the premises, but one can be found at either the DOMO gas station, or Rouleau Bar & Grill. Rink Parking is in the parking lot on the east side of the Rink. We ask you to refrain from parking in the street to the west of the facility.

2019/20 Board Members
     President - Landon Krauss,
     Vice President - Derek Nyhus,
     Secretary/Treasurer - Stacey Clarke,, 306-529-9049
     Member at Large - Jeff Weafer
     Member at Large - Mike Faris
     Member at Large - Catlin Faris
     Member at Large - Aaron Brown

To view the 2019/20 Rink Calendar, please click here.

2019/20 Tournament Pricing

Included with tournament rental:
  • use of sound system/score clock/microphone.
  • there are three 8' folding tables to use for raffle/prize tables.
  • "puck toss" pucks available for use, free of charge.
If you are in need of referees, please see Rouleau Area Referee List below.

Tournament Special
1 day, 7:30am-6:30pm, $350.

**Facility will be open for tournament set-up starting at 7:30am. First game to be scheduled to start no earlier than 8:30am, and last game to be finished by 6:30 pm

Following stipulations apply:
  • Guaranteed 4 team minimum
  • No outside food allowed to help support the Concession Booth

For additional information, or to book ice times, please call Stacey Clarke (776-2545) or email at

2019/20 Ice Rental Rates

Monday - Sunday: $185 / hour (includes GST)

For additional information, or to book ice times, please call Stacey Clarke (776-2545) or email at

Kitchen / Lobby Rental

The Rink's kitchen and lobby are available to rent, separate from the ice, for Birthday's, Family Gatherings etc.

Rental DOES include:
  • Use of stove, microwave, fridge or freezer space while using the facility.
  • Tables and chairs.
  • Washable dishes, utensils, pots/pans.
  • Cleaning supplies, mops, brooms, garbage bags, dishcloths/towels.
**Anyone using the ice must either have a valid season pass, or pay the $5 drop in fee, to skate for the rental day**

Rental DOES NOT include:
  • Use of any food/drink/condiments
  • Use of paper plates, foam cups, napkins etc.
  • Not typically the use of deep fryer/grill. (may be allowed under special circumstances)
  • Private usage of ice. If you want exclusive use of the entire facility, price will be significantly more, and will be discussed per situation.

Your group is expected to do a general clean after usage. This includes, sweeping, spot mopping when needed, cleaning kitchen, ie: wiping down counters, appliances you used, washing dishes, and placing full garbage bags by the kitchen door.

Rental for the Kitchen and Lobby is a minimum $50 charge (for 3 hours), with an additional $10/hour thereafter.

2019/20 Skating Fees (due November 30)

Public Skating - For anyone not registered on a RWMH team. If you are a player with RWMHA, your public skating fees are included in your hockey fees.

Pre-School - 12 Yrs.: $75 / year
13 Yrs. & Up (includes adults): $100 / year
Family (not applicable to families paying either Minor Hockey or Skating Club fees): $200 / year
Combo Family Fee (skating/curling): $350 / year

**Skating fees are payable to Stacey Clarke (776-2545) or may be dropped with the booth crew, or placed in the drop off beside the kitchen windows.

2019/20 Rouleau/Wilcox Minor Hockey Board Members

(October 15, 2019 - An updated list will be posted soon!)
     President - Lonny Forrester,
     Vice President - Bob Baumuller,
     Secretary/Treasurer - Danielle Clarke,
     Registrar - Landon Krauss,
     Member - Jordan Clarke,
     Member - Kevin White,

2019/20 Rouleau/Wilcox Minor Hockey Team Contacts

(October 15, 2019 - An updated list will be posted soon!)
Rouleau Atom
     Coaches: Landon Krauss, Kevin White
     Contact: Leah Krauss - 306-536-4283,

Rouleau Novice
     Coaches: Rylan Kaip, Jordan Clarke
     Contact: Amanda Perkin - 306-551-0104,

Rouleau Jr.Novice/Initiation
     Coaches: Lonny Forrester, Steve Hoffart
     Contact: Erin McQuoid - 306-580-0578,

2019/20 Rouleau/Wilcox Minor Hockey Area Referee List

(October 15, 2019 - An updated list will be posted soon!)
Austin Sylvestre
     Rouleau, SK

Braden Harrison
     Avonlea, SK
     PeeWee & Up (can contact for younger age group)

Brant Perkin
     Rouleau, SK

Brayden Heistad
     306-868-2132 or 886-7969
     Avonlea, SK

Bryden Pow
     306-539-8006 or 552-5598
     Rouleau, SK

Cole Clarke
     Rouleau, SK

Connor Stevens
     306-868-2123, 639-201-7759
     Avonlea, SK

Ethan Mattern
     306-537-7653, 306-570-5494
     Wilcox, SK
     Initiation-Midget A

Ivan Krueger
     Wilcox, SK

Joby Baumuller
     306-807-7612 or 531-8227
     Wilcox, SK
     Initiation-Atom (Atom lines only)

Josh Mattern
     306-537-7653, 306-570-5494
     Wilcox, SK
     Initiation-Bantam A

Owen Watson
     306-868-7782, 306-868-7781
     Avonlea, SK

Reid White
     Wilcox, SK

Shane Silzer (Ref-In-Chief)
     Rouleau, SK
     PeeWee & Up (can contact for younger age group in "emergency"cases)

Thom Hanson
     306-551-2684, or 530-1948
     Rouleau, SK

Will Dobson
     Rouleau, SK

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