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Premier Brad Wall today proclaimed April 13, 2009, and the same day ever after, as Corner Gas Day in Saskatchewan. Wall signed the official proclamation at the Legislature, where he was joined by series star and creator Brent Butt. Wall said he was pleased to pay tribute to the cast and crew of one of the most successful TV series ever produced in Canada. "For six great seasons, Corner Gas has welcomed people from across Canada and around the world to our province, and made short work of the misconception that there's ‘not a lot going on' in Saskatchewan," Wall said, in reference to the show's theme song. "We want to thank Saskatchewan's own Brent Butt, the Corner Gas producers, cast and crew for many hours of laughter."

Corner Gas is a Canadian television sitcom series created by Brent Butt. Re-runs still air on CTV and The Comedy Network in Canada, WGN America in the United States, and SBS in Australia.

Deriving its name from the roadside gas station in the fictional town of Dog River, Saskatchewan. Corner Gas is the only gas station for 60 kilometres (37 miles) in any direction. Brent Leroy (Brent Butt) is the proprietor of the station and Wanda Dollard (Nancy Robertson) works at the station's convenience store as a retail assistant. An adjoining coffee shop, The Ruby, is owned by Lacey Burrows (Gabrielle Miller) who inherited it from her Aunt Ruby..... The first episode of Corner Gas aired on January 22, 2004, and attracted 1.5 million viewers. It became an instant hit and has never gone below the million-viewer mark....Dog River has a population of "about 500" according to "Census Sensibility." According to the Corner Gas tagline, it is 40 kilometres (25 mi) from nowhere, but still within a relatively short drive to "The City," where characters are often shown going to shop or attend "support meetings," in the case of Davis and Lacey. The rival town of Wullerton (Dog River residents spit anytime the name is mentioned) is 'just down the road.' It is stated in the episode "Tax Man" that Corner Gas is the only gas station for 60 kilometres (37 mi) in any direction.

Harvard Western Insurance was filmed as The Dog River Liquor Store, and Spalding Orthopedic Design filmed as The Foo Mar t.

Purchase a postcard from any one of these locations, take it to the Rouleau Post Office, and mail it to yourself. When you get home, you will see the cancellation stamp "Dog River, Saskatchewan" across your postage. The film location for The Howler is also on Main Street; the side of the building holds a mural of the Corner Gas cast; you can photograph yourself in it as one of the characters. The Rouleau Skating and Curling Rink, filmed as the Dog River Hockey Rink, is just a block east of Main. A Rouleau residence on D'Arcy Street was filmed as Oscar and Emma's House. The Grain Elevator, bearing the label 'Dog River' in bright red lettering, is across the highway from Corner Gas.

A map depicting the locations of each filming site in Rouleau can be found at Google maps.

Filming Corner Gas began in Rouleau the summer of 2003. The first episode of Corner Gas aired on January 22, 2004, and attracted 1.5 million viewers. It became an instant hit and has never gone below the million-viewer mark. The first season consisted of 13 episodes. Less than two months after the first episode aired, CTV renewed it for a second season of 18 episodes. Filming continued in Rouleau over six consecutive summers. The final summer of filming was in 2008.

Corner Gas has brought international recognition to the Province of Saskatchewan and to the Town of Rouleau. It has added to the cultural heritage and history of Rouleau and its residents. Many students were employed as a result of filming Corner Gas in Rouleau and many residents adjusted their schedules, for six years, to facilitate the success of this series. Life in Rouleau, during the summer, was defined by Corner Gas. Throngs of fans from across North America became tourists once they headed out in search of the legendary Dog River. Rouleau is to Corner Gas fans as Yasgurs Farm is to the many who attended Woodstock.

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