Saskatchewan's First 1 Million Bushel Town!

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Come experience the pleasure of raising a family where the people are friendly, the air is clean, the space is abundant, and the skies are a different color every day.

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Rouleau and area take an active role volunteering time in the daily operation of many community facilities. Click the links below for more info.

-K-12 School
-Skating Arena
-Curling Rink
-Community Hall
-Drop In Centre
-Post Office
-Sports Park
Low local operating costs, in addition to the close proximity to the cities of Regina and Moose Jaw, make Rouleau a great location for any business venture.

Whether you need a gallon of milk, or a prefabricated ready-to-move home, Rouleau has just about everything you need!

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Rouleau is proud to offer many activities for children to our senior citizens. For more facility info, please click the links below.

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For a list of upcoming events, please see our community calendar by clicking on the link below.

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Loraas Disposal Garbage and Recycling Collection Calendar

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Eastgate Landing Subdivision

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PUBLIC NOTICE - Household Waste and Recycling

Dear Rouleau Residents,

For the months of January, February and March of 2024, the Loraas Disposal schedule will remain as it has been. (Please see the schedule below)

Effective April 2024, the individual recycling carts will remain on a bi-weekly schedule but commencing April 10, 2024, move from Mondays to Wednesdays for emptying.

In an effort to minimize heavy truck traffic on residential streets, as well as provide waste and recycling services cost effectively, individual household waste carts will change to a bi-weekly schedule, beginning in April, 2024. Loraas Disposal currently has only 4 communities (including Rouleau) on a weekly waste pickup and they are working on transitioning all contracts to a bi-weekly schedule. Notices of the new schedule for waste and recycling will be posted on line on the Town of Rouleau website and the Town of Rouleau and RM of Redburn Facebook page as well as in town at the Municipal Office.

Ratepayers will be billed (as of April 1, 2024):
Every 2 Week collection of waste - $9.35 per cart per month
Every 2 Week collection of recycling - $10.58 per cart per month
= $19.93/month per household

**Extra carts can be acquired at the costs listed above, by contacting the Municipal Office**

Town of Rouleau
     is now providing
Notify by Network

Notify by Network is a mass notification system that allows the Town of Rouleau to instantly alert residents of important information via text message.

Messages will be limited to include time sensitive information such as:
  • Drinking Water Advisories
  • Water Restrictions
  • Fire Related Emergencies (evacuations)
  • Water Being Shut-off Due to Construction
  • Natural Disasters with Immediate Risk Town of Rouleau Maintenance Staff

    Text "Subscribe" to 1-306-992-3942
    to Register for the Notification System.

    You may text "stop" to 1-306-992-3942 to unsubscribe and be removed from the notification system at any time.

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